T-Mobile Accused of Bogus Charges

(CNN) — Here’s another good reason to check your cell phone bills–every month–line by line. Federal regulators are suing T-Mobile for knowingly adding charges its customers never authorized. Those charges were for things like horoscope texts or pricey ringtones. The Federal Trade Commission says these bogus charges were crammed into user’s bills from 2009 through … Continue reading »

T-Mobile Killing Int’l Roaming Fees

(CNN) — Staying connected while traveling overseas may get easier for T-mobile customers. The cell phone company announced it’s killing international roaming fees and slashing per-minute and text charges. With its Simple Choice Plan at $50 a month, T-mobile customers already get unlimited calls, text messaging and data at home. Starting Oct. 20 for new … Continue reading »

Apple Fans Line Up for New iPhone

EUGENE, Ore. — People all over the world lined up on Friday morning to get their hands on the newest iPhone models, and Eugene was no different. A small group of people was gathered outside the Verizon Store on Coburg Road by about 5 a.m. The two new models—the iPhone 5s and the 5c—are similar, … Continue reading »