Woman Reports Peeping Tom at Target

ALBANY, Ore. — A woman had a frightening experience at a local store. She was trying on clothes in a dressing room when she noticed someone was holding a cell phone under her door, possibly recording her as she changed. This all happened Wednesday at the Target store in Albany. Shoppers say the case makes … Continue reading »

Last Minute Shoppers Find Deals

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Some shoppers say you just got to be patient and you can find gifts at great prices and for the most part, things were still in stock. About the only thing they had to complain about were long lines. “Being a little patient was definitely worth it because it’s not quite Christmas … Continue reading »

Target Offers Discount to Customers

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Targets all across America are offering a discount to customers as an apology for a credit and debit card breach. Shoppers say the 10 percent discount being offered this weekend is helping alleviate their fears about the recent fraud. Target says it’s number one priority right now is its customers, ensuring them … Continue reading »

Credit Card Breach at Target Stores

(CNN) — Authorities are investigating an apparent credit card breach at Target stores. The Secret Service confirms it’s looking into the matter, but it didn’t offer additional information. According to a report from security researcher Brian Krebs, the discount retailer was apparently hacked last month around Black Friday. About 40 million credit and debit card … Continue reading »