Mall of America Terror Threat

(CNN) — The Mall of America in Minnesota is making sure it’s prepared for any emergency. This comes after terrorists called for an attack at malls in the U.S., Canada and the UK. The mall posted signs reminding shoppers to always report suspicious activity. It also let them know that it was holding two lockdown … Continue reading »

Terror Summit Targets Violent Extremism

(CNN) — President Obama used blunt words in Washington at the end of his summit to fight violent extremism. “The notion that the West is at war with Islam is an ugly lie,” Obama said. The commander in chief is calling on Muslim leaders for help in the fight against groups like ISIS. He says … Continue reading »

Ashland Nonprofit Convicted of Tax Fraud

ASHLAND, Ore. – An Ashland-based nonprofit, believed to have ties to terrorism, was convicted in court Tuesday. Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation pleaded guilty in district court. The conviction is for filing a false tax return with the IRS. The conviction stems back from a $150,000 donation moved through the foundation to its parent organization in Saudi … Continue reading »

Mohamed Mohamud Found Guilty

PORTLAND, Ore. —  Multiple Portland news affiliates report Mohamed Mohamud has been found guilty of attempting to bomb a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in 2010 in Portland. The 21-year-old’s defense argued during trial that Mohamud is conflicted and immature, and was influenced by undercover FBI agents who posed as Al-Qaeda operatives. Prosecutors noted Mohammed never … Continue reading »

FBI Considered Occupy Movement a Threat

(CNN) — The FBI and Department of Homeland Security considered the Occupy movement that swept across the country as a potential terrorism threat. That’s according to newly-released FBI internal documents released under the Freedom of Information Act. The FBI met with New York Stock Exchange officials and New York businesses in August of 2011, before … Continue reading »