Dancers Rise from the Dead

EUGENE, Ore. — Halloween is just three weeks away, but KEZI 9 News caught some zombies already rising from the grave Dozens of local residents geared up for the massive thriller dance put on by Thrill the World. The zombies have been practicing for months at the Downtown Athletic Club. Dancers say it’s a tough … Continue reading »

ShelterCare Announces New Campaign

EUGENE, Ore. — ShelterCare is announcing a new campaign to help fight homelessness. During the month of October, it hopes to raise $62,000. Some corporate sponsors will match all donations raised this month. This money will be used to help keep people in housing, get back into housing if they’ve recently become homeless, or become financially … Continue reading »

Class Teaches “Zombie” Preparedness

EUGENE, Ore. — Dozens of people concerned about the next big emergency sat in on a urban emergency disaster preparedness class Tuesday night at REI. Instead of focusing on surviving in the wilderness, this was basically survival 101 for the city. The speakers talked about food storage and preparation and what kinds of food to … Continue reading »

Thrill the World 2012 Hits Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. — More than a hundred zombies creeped to life right in the heart of downtown Eugene. “Thrill the World 2012″ infected 17 different countries, 36 U.S. states included, where close to 30,000 people danced to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” all at the same time, in an effort to keep M.J’s music alive, set a … Continue reading »