Rose Bowl Tickets Still On Sale

EUGENE, Ore. — There is still time to grab Bowl tickets if you’re looking to head south. University of Oregon officials say StubHub still has a few tickets. Prices vary from a few hundred to nearly $2,000. One suite is even going for over $33,000. UO officials say playing Florida State has helped with tickets. … Continue reading »

EPD Tickets 140 Drivers

EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene Police Department handed out 140 tickets during its traffic enforcement Tuesday. ¬†Throughout the day motorcycle officers pulled over more than 160 people, but let some off with just a warning. Of the 140 citations police ticketed 75 people for speeding, 11 people for using their cellphones, 24 people for driving … Continue reading »

EPD Program Helps People Avoid Tickets

EUGENE, Ore. — A new program through the Eugene Police Department will help people avoid tickets. Starting Aug. 1, anyone pulled over in Eugene for vehicle violations will be able to enroll in the Vehicle Compliance Program. Instead of being given a ticket that stays on a driver’s record, you’d get a citation. Then, you … Continue reading »

Football Games Expensive for Fans

(CNN) — Going to a game is getting more expensive. By the time you buy the tickets, pay for parking, and grab some cold ones, it will set you back a pretty penny. How much? Try $209 for 2 tickets, 2 beers and parking. And that doesn’t even count food. A new report from Team … Continue reading »

Tickets for Dalai Lama Sell Out

EUGENE, Ore. — The Dalai Lama is coming in May and tickets went on sale Monday. People lined up for hours outside Matthew Knight Arena to get tickets to see him. Some people said they showed up two hours early, just to secure a spot in line. The tickets, which were also available online, sold … Continue reading »

Ducks Season Tickets Go on Sale

EUGENE, Ore. — More than 40,000 Duck football fans bought season tickets this year, making it the 11th year in a row. But even if you aren’t a season ticket holder, you’ll be able to get tickets to Oregon’s seven home games on Monday. They’ll cost you between $396 and $486 for seats in regular … Continue reading »