Tire Slashing Victims Speak Out

EUGENE, Ore. — Victims of a tire slashing spree in North Eugene are speaking out. “I looked at my car and I’m like it’s sitting funny well I have a flat tire. I looked at the back tire, and then I looked — what is going on,” said victim, Diana Barton. Diana Barton was shocked … Continue reading »

Tires Slashed in Eugene Neighborhood

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene police need your help finding out who slashed the tires of several cars. Police say they were called out to the 1800 block of Brewer Avenue between Gilham Road and Norkenzie Road Tuesday morning. Several cars had been hit. If you have any information, you’re asked to call Eugene police.

County Keeps Tires Out of Landfill

EUGENE, Ore. — Lane County is stepping up efforts to keep tires out of the landfill. Instead, you can drop tires off at any one of the county’s 16 waste transfer stations. There’s a small fee–$2 per tire or $3 if the tire is still attached to the rim. It’s a small price to pay … Continue reading »

Local Tire Companies Busy

EUGENE, Ore. — Local tire companies say these winter conditions are keeping them busy. The Goodyear on 7th Avenue in downtown Eugene says when the first snowfall hits, it sees about 50 percent more customers coming in to pick up seasonal tires. Many are chaining up for the passes as well. “Soon as there’s snow … Continue reading »