Helping Tornado Victims

EUGENE, Ore. — The local Red Cross is accepting donations, to help victims of the tornadoes. It says the best way to get supplies to those in need is with a cash donations. It uses those donations to pay for food, shelter and emergency equipment to help victims. American Red Cross Chapter Executive Meghan O’hara … Continue reading »

Preseason Special: Cav Weathers Storm

CORVALLIS, Ore.– For our 2013 College Football GameDay Preseason Special, Stephen Nelson shares the story of Oregon State offensive line coach Mike Cavanaugh, who was recruiting in Oklahoma when he found himself in the middle of one of the country’s biggest storms.

Funnel Cloud Spotted in Harrisburg

HARRISBURG, Ore. — A funnel cloud was spotted and photographed in Harrisburg; meanwhile, an EF 1 tornado touched down in McMinnville. The National Weather Service sent a team from Portland to investigate damage in the area. The funnel cloud in Harrisburg appears to have materialized shortly before 5:00 p.m. There are no reports of damage from … Continue reading »

Local Volunteers Help Tornado Victims

EUGENE, Ore. — Even though Moore, Oklahoma is nearly 2,000 miles away, two Red Cross volunteers from Oregon are heading there to offer a helping hand. One of the volunteers is from Albany and the other is from Portland. Both are what the Red Cross calls top-level volunteers; they’ve responded to a number of disasters … Continue reading »

LIVE: Tornado Damage in Oklahoma

  (CNN) — A second round of severe weather has begun developing across the Central Plains. A massive tornado tore through a densely populated Moore, Oklahoma on Monday afternoon. The tornado touched the ground in Duncan and moved east, northeast into Moore, south of Oklahoma City. Monday’s tornado is estimated to be about two-miles wide. … Continue reading »