12 Patients Participate in Kidney Swap

(CNN) — Twelve patients are participating in what is being called a “kidney swap” in California Thursday and Friday. Six patients are donating a kidney and six patients are receiving one. This paired kidney exchange was set up through software called Matchgrid. It uses an algorithmic program to find potential matches by examining genetic profiles. … Continue reading »

UPDATE: Friend Donates Kidney

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A few weeks ago we told you about the two Springfield women willing to show the true meaning of friendship through a kidney transplant, and now we have an update on the status. Kari Isham and Marcy Toy have been friends since the sixth grade. When Kari found out Marcy needed a … Continue reading »

A Special Gift Between Friends

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — From sleepovers to graduations, even weddings, best friends stand by each other, especially when tough times. That would hold true for two Springfield women about to embark on a scary and selfless journey. Kari Isham and Marcy Toy could reminisce for hours about the good times they’ve had together. The two met … Continue reading »

Baby Harlow Undergoes Transplant

EUGENE, Ore. — Despite low odds, a Eugene family found a bone marrow match for their baby, and now Baby Harlow begins the difficult road to recovery. Harlow Grace Powers suffers from a rare immunodeficiency syndrome also known as the “Bubble Boy” disease. Even though most of Harlow’s time right now is spent in a … Continue reading »