Buckeye Tree on UO Campus

EUGENE, Ore. — A tree that’s been on the University of Oregon campus for years is turning some heads. A Buckeye tree was gifted to the UO in 1958 as a wager during the Rose Bowl game between Oregon and Ohio State. There’s a plaque next to it, saying it came from Ohio State. Students … Continue reading »

Christmas Tree Permits Go On Sale

ROSEBURG, Ore. – The Umpqua National Forest announced Christmas tree permits are on sale until December 24. The permits are for personal use only and cost $5.00 per tree. There’s a limit of five trees per family. Maps showing designated cutting areas and procedures will be provided with the purchase of your permit. Christmas tree … Continue reading »

Tree Crashes onto House

EUGENE, Ore. — Our first big fall storm of the season tested the rivers, the sewers and at times, even the homes, as several trees came down during the heavy rainfall and strong winds. This fall storm hasn’t disappointed with rain totals topping two inches in some spots. A perfect example of some of the … Continue reading »

Multiple Cars Crash into Tree

DETROIT, Ore. – Oregon State Police continues to investigate several crashes on Highway 22 near Detroit Monday. Troopers say around 6:30 a.m., strong winds knocked over a tree, partially blocking the highway. A pickup ran over the tree, but immediately after another pickup struck the tree then crashed into an embankment. Minutes later a Chrysler … Continue reading »

Tree on Courthouse Lawn Dying

CORVALLIS, Ore. — A familiar tree on the Benton County Courthouse lawn is dying, and crews are getting ready to pull it out. It’s a red maple sitting toward the back of the lawn. The county says it is suffering from a root fungus and isn’t able to absorb water or nutrients. Because it’s dying, … Continue reading »

Lightning Sparks Tree Fire

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Residents at an assisted living facility in Corvallis woke up to the sound of lightning striking a tree, then catching fire early Friday morning. “I was very asleep,” said resident Myles Myers. “And then I woke up to what I thought was a grenade going off outside my window.” Myers woke up … Continue reading »

Age-Old Tree to be Cut Down on UO Campus

EUGENE, Ore. — A tree on the University of Oregon campus that’s more than 70 years-old is on the chopping block, because of construction at the Erb Memorial Union. But a landscape architecture professor says he’s not giving up his efforts to stop the removal of the age-old tree. Professor Whitey Lueck says landscapes and … Continue reading »

Bee Die-Off Trees Covered

Eugene, Ore.– The spray company under fire for spraying illegal pesticides on trees and killing off thousands of bees is working with the Oregon Department of Agriculture to fix the problem. Glass Tree Care and Spray Service is in the process of covering 17 linden trees with nets on Jacobs Lane in West Eugene. The nets will … Continue reading »

Tree Recycling Options

EUGENE, Ore. — ‘Tis the season for Christmas tree recycling. This year, Lane County is making holiday clean up easy and green. Lane Forest Products on Prairie Road in Eugene is just one of the places where you can unload your Christmas tree. Last year, they got 5,000 trees. If you can’t drop it off, … Continue reading »

Christmas Tree Fire Demonstration

EUGENE, Ore. — There’s nothing like the fresh smell of a Christmas tree lasting until New Year’s Day, but the longer it stays up, the greater the fire hazard if the tree dries up. From 2008 to 2012, Oregon experienced 107 fires related to Christmas trees and decorations and one death. It resulted in more … Continue reading »

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