Falling Branches Causing Hazards

EUGENE, Ore. — Calls poured in all day Saturday about heavy, ice-covered branches falling on cars, houses, and power lines. Many viewers were concerned about people’s safety. Andrew Traweek lives in the Whiteaker area of Eugene. He says a tree branch fell on his mother-in-law’s car Saturday morning. It broke the windshield and dented the … Continue reading »

Whoville Celebrates Christmas

EUGENE, Ore. — The “Whoville” homeless camp celebrated Christmas, with not one — but three trees at its camp site. “Whoville” members say their largest tree was donated by a school after it used it for a play. Another came from Eugene police and a third was donated by a local family. “Whoville” members say it … Continue reading »

Last Weekend For Xmas Tree Sales

EUGENE, Ore. —   With Christmas just a couple days away, it’s coming down to the wire for people who are still looking to buy a tree. Some Christmas tree lots have already closed up shop, but many others will welcome customers until Christmas Eve. The Hartsell family has been running Christmas tree lots for more … Continue reading »

Students Plant Trees for Safer Pathways

SANTA CLARA, Ore. — One elementary school is trying to make their school a lot safer, by planting trees. Friday and Saturday, students and parents will plant more than 50 trees at Irving Elementary School and around town. Tree developers have already dug holes to prepare the soil. The trees will line the new sidewalk … Continue reading »

Storm Keeps Tree Crews Busy

EUGENE, Ore. — While many people are choosing to kick back and stay dry indoors, tree services in the area are outside soaking up the work opportunities. “It’s always busy at this time of year for us. Having this on top of what we have, we’re kind of book. We’re kind of booked,” said Alby … Continue reading »

Pine Beetles Invade Crater Lake

CRATER LAKE, Ore. — Pine beetles are invading Crater Lake National Park in southern Oregon. Park officials say the beetles are targeting the signature white bark pine trees. Crews are cutting dead lodge pole pines around campgrounds that pose a safety hazard. The park is also stapling the trees with a packet that gives off … Continue reading »

Arbor Week Tree Plantings in Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. — Oregon is often known for its trees. Most states set aside one day to celebrate Arbor Day. In Oregon, it’s an entire week, starting Monday, April 8. Arbor Week is celebrated every first full week of April, and this year is the 135th anniversary of the original Arbor Day. The city of … Continue reading »

Nurseries Seeing Slight Comeback

EUGENE, Ore. — The Oregon Department of Agriculture says its finally seeing a pattern of recovery among its leading industry–nurseries. The sector has seen a nearly 50-percent cut to its revenue since 2005, but the future is looking brighter lately. Since the recession began, taking a negative toll on the housing market, landscaping has been … Continue reading »

Group to Archive Redwoods, Sequoias

PORT ORFORD, Ore. — A Michigan organization is attempting to archive ancient redwoods and giant sequoias, just south of Port Orford on the Oregon coast. The organization is looking at eventually cloning the species in multiple locations, starting with the southern Oregon land as a test drive. It would be a first archiving of its … Continue reading »

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