Pose for TSA Scanning with Duck Pride

EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene Airport is showing its Duck pride, and it’s turning into an Internet sensation. There is a new sign at the security checkpoint showing people how to pose for TSA scanning with Duck pride–a big “O” above the man. The sign will be displayed in the TSA checkpoint for at least … Continue reading »

TSA Measures Scrutinize Electronics

(CNN) —  Power it up, or leave it behind. The Transportation Security Administration said Sunday that officers may ask passengers en route to the United States from overseas to turn on their electronic devices to prove they work and aren’t explosive devices. They won’t allow devices without power on board planes. The traveler may then … Continue reading »

Government Report Slams TSA Program

EUGENE, Ore. — A new government report on airport security is slamming the TSA’s SPOT program. It trains agents to watch airport passengers to try to pick out potential terrorists from their behavioral cues. It’s being called a waste of time and money. The report is the most critical yet of the TSA SPOT program. It … Continue reading »

TSA Investigates Changing Liquid Rules

(CNN) — A liquid bomb was the devious weapon of choice in the chilling 2006 plan to blow up as many as 10 U.S.-bound flights from the United Kingdom. The 2006 plot was foiled. But since then, for the past seven years flyers have been restricted to no more than 3.4 ounces of liquids allowed … Continue reading »

Travelers Notice Increased Security

EUGENE, Ore. — Runners flying back home across the country are experiencing a lot more airport security. Travelers who landed in Eugene Tuesday told KEZI 9 News that security in some airports was more attentive than usual. They say TSA agents seemed like they were on edge and there were long delays getting through security. … Continue reading »

TSA Changes Weapon Policy

EUGENE, Ore. — The TSA announced starting next month it will allow previously banned small knives, baseball bats and even golf clubs aboard flights. The policy change is aimed at allowing the TSA to focus on larger safety threats. “No, I am not particularly scared of knives being allowed. I think the vast majority of … Continue reading »

TSA Gets Rid of Full Body Scanners

(CNN) — Some called them virtual strip searches, now the TSA is getting rid of detailed full body scanners at airports across the country. The TSA says 174 backscatter body scanners will be removed from 30 airports by June. The move comes after Rapiscan, the maker of the machines, told Congress they couldn’t meet the … Continue reading »

TSA Relaxes Rules for Senior Citizens

May 14, 2012 By Jessica Debbas EUGENE, Ore. — The new rules took effect Monday, May 14. They keep seniors from tussling with clothes and shoes while standing in line. Seniors will now be allowed to leave their shoes and light sweaters and jackets on when going through security lines. The goal is to allow officers … Continue reading »