Japanese Arch Washes Ashore

FLORENCE, Ore. — A second piece of a sacred Japanese arch washed on shore near Florence. Crews removed the latest piece Tuesday afternoon of what could be tsunami debris. The debris is believed to be the top part of a torii. It’s about 14 feet long and three feet wide. Someone found a similar piece … Continue reading »

Tsunami Invasive Species Impact Unknown

NEWPORT, Ore. — Scientists from Oregon State University released a report Wednesday saying the potential damage from invasive species found on tsunami debris may not be known for years. More than three dozen pieces of debris from the 2011 Japanese tsunami have washed ashore on the Northwest coast carrying species of algae, barnacles, mussels, starfish, … Continue reading »

New Tsunami Dock Exhibit

NEWPORT, Ore. — A new exhibit is set to open at OSU’s Hatfield Marine Science Center featuring a portion of the tsunami dock that washed up near Agate Beach in June 2012. The new Tsunami Awareness Exhibit will open on the two year anniversary of the massive earthquake that rattled northern Japan and triggered a … Continue reading »

More Japanese Tsunami Debris Washes Up

GLENEDEN BEACH, Ore. — Scientists closely inspected what appears to be the latest round of Japanese tsunami debris to wash ashore in Oregon. A boat, washed away during the tsunami that followed the Tohoku earthquake on March 11, 2011, now sits on Gleneden Beach. The 30-foot vessel is hull up and embedded with sand. It … Continue reading »

Task Force Warns of Tsunami Debris

FLORENCE, Ore. — People along the Oregon Coast may soon see more tsunami debris washing up on our shores. The Tsunami Debris Task Force made that announcement at a meeting in Florence Wednesday night. It says the changing ocean currents this fall and winter will likely push debris closer to the coast. However, no one … Continue reading »

Tsunami Debris Update in Florence

FLORENCE, Ore. — The public can get an update on the response to the Japanese tsunami debris that’s washing up on the Oregon Coast. Wednesday night, the Governor’s Task Force on Japanese Tsunami Marine Debris will talk about how the response has gone so far and what to expect in the future. Representatives from the … Continue reading »

Tsunami Debris Meetings Along Coast

The governor’s Task Force on Japanese Tsunami Debris wants to let coastal communities know how its dealing with debris, so it will host a road show of sorts next week. Representatives from park and wildlife departments, DEQ and other groups like SOLVE will talk about cleanup efforts. The group will come through Western Oregon next … Continue reading »

Tsunami Dock Removed from Beach

AGATE BEACH, Ore. — Visitors to the beach today say they cant believe how quickly the area has transformed when just a few days ago the dock was sunk into the sandy ground. After four days of work any visible sign of the more than 160-ton dock is gone. Some visitors told KEZI 9 News … Continue reading »

Tsunami Debris Drop-Off Sites Established

NEWPORT, Ore. — There is now a place to discard tsunami debris discoveries. Oregon Parks and Rec crews have set up 32 tsunami debris drop-off sites along the Oregon coast. Crews have already begun filling some of the large containers full of styrofoam and bottles with Japanese markings found on the beaches.  So far, only … Continue reading »

Tsunami Dock Attracts Hundreds

NEWPORT, Ore. — The dock, confirmed to be debris from the March 2011 tsunami in Japan and that washed up near Newport, is getting international attention, and people from up and down the West Coast are traveling to Agate Beach to see it. Ever since the dock washed ashore at Agate Beach, it’s become a … Continue reading »

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