Scientists Seek Tsunami Transponders

EUGENE, Ore. —   If you’re heading to an Oregon beach any time soon, scientists say they need your help. They’re asking beachcombers and anglers to be on the lookout for bright orange transponders along the shore. The floating devices are about the size of a 2-liter soda bottle. They were set in the ocean from … Continue reading »

Testing the Waters

FLORENCE, Ore. — It’s been more than three years since a catastrophic earthquake and tsunami in Japan. After all that time, there are still concerns leaked radiation is washing up on Oregon’s beaches. In March 11, 2011, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit a hundred miles off the coast of Japan. It was Japan’s largest quake … Continue reading »

Bethel Students Visit Tsunami Wave Lab

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Some Shasta Middle School students got a look Wednesday at how damaging tsunamis can be. They drove to Corvallis to tour the O.H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory at Oregon State University to take part in a tsunami structure challenge. Kids built their own structures to see if they would survive simulated tsunamis. They … Continue reading »

Crescent City Harbor Re-Opens

CRESCENT CITY, Calif. — The Crescent City Harbor has re-opened after undergoing a $38 million reconstruction project.  The harbor was hit hard by tsunamis back in 2006 and 2011, forcing the harbor to close due to damage. Now three years later, the harbor is back in business and better than ever.  It is the first tsunami-resistant port … Continue reading »

Senators Introduce Tsunami Legislation

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Oregon’s two U.S. senators are pushing legislation to help pay for tsunami debris cleanup on the West Coast. Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden, along with Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, introduced the Tsunami Debris Cleanup Reimbursement Act on Thursday. If passed, it would give the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration the … Continue reading »

Florence Holds Tsunami Drill

FLORENCE, Ore. — Residents in Oregon coastal cities will be more prepared for a tsunami after attending drills Thursday and Friday. Organizers distributed packets to residents all over Florence, but mainly those in the inundation zone, which is the part of town closest to the water that’s most likely to be affected if a tsunami … Continue reading »

Red Cross Teaches Disaster Preparedness

EUGENE, Ore. — Are you and your loved ones prepared if a disaster was to hit close to you? The Oregon Red Cross is working to make sure area residents are ready. Readiness specialists are trying to reach 25,000 residents with free disaster preparedness this year. The turnout for Thursday night’s class was just under … Continue reading »

Brennan Recalls 2011 Japan Disaster

CORVALLIS, Ore.– Brad Brennan played five seasons at the University of Arizona, and worked last year as a volunteer assistant at Oregon State. Between that? A ten-year playing career in Japan. Brennan was preparing for his team’s spring season in March of 2011 when a massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami devastated the country. He sat … Continue reading »

Tsunami Safety in Place

FLORENCE, Ore. — Monday marked the two-year anniversary of the devastating Japanese earthquake and tsunami. On March 11, 2013 a 9.0 magnitude earthquake rattled Japan’s north coast and sent a tsunami wave across the Pacific Ocean. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued a tsunami warning in Florence, causing hundreds of people to flood the … Continue reading »

Two Years Since 9.0M Japanese Earthquake

EUGENE, Ore. — Monday marks the two-year anniversary of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that rocked Japan and killed thousands. In Tokyo, there was a moment of silence to commemorate the horrific event on Mar 10, 2011. The 9.0 magnitude earthquake triggered a tsunami that decimated Japan’s northern coast. Nearly 19,000 people died or went … Continue reading »

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