OSU Increases Tuition

CORVALLIS, Ore. —  Students at Oregon State University will be paying more for tuition this coming fall. The OSU Board of Trustees decided this week to get rid of the tuition plateau, which allowed students taking 16 credits to pay for the amount of 12. Students taking 15 credits will pay almost 12 percent more than last … Continue reading »

LCC Faces Possible Loss of Funding

EUGENE, Ore. — Lane Community College is facing a possibility of losing federal funding, after a high percentage of students defaulted on their loans. LCC officials say more than 30 percent of students who started repaying their loans in the 2010 fiscal year defaulted within the first three years. Preliminary numbers for 2011 don’t look … Continue reading »

Group Holds Student Debt Forum

EUGENE, Ore. — There was a forum on student debt at the UO as part of the GTFFf’s Day of Action. The forum was organized by the group LESS-T, the League of Educators and Students Slashing Tuition. Group members say Friday marks the two-year anniversary of the day student loan debts in the United States … Continue reading »

Events Tackle Student Debt Issue

EUGENE, Ore. — Student loan debt is hurting approximately 37 million Americans. On Friday, a series of events aims to tackle the issue. Friday marks the two-year anniversary of total student debt in the United States reaching $1 trillion and two events will be held on the University of Oregon campus. First a rally at … Continue reading »

Hundreds Attend Scholarship Fair at LCC

EUGENE, Ore. — Rising tuition costs are a big stress for many incoming college students, which is why Lane Community College does what it can to inform people about scholarships and other forms of financial aid. Saturday was LCC’s annual scholarship fair, “How to Pay for College in One Day.” This year, the event was … Continue reading »

Student Loan Rates Set to Double

(CNN) — Surrounded by college students in the rose garden, President Obama said higher education is the key to building the middle class. “You’re going to need more than just a high school education to succeed in this economy,” President Obama said. But he warned a college education may soon be out of reach for … Continue reading »

UO Students React to Interest Rate Hike

EUGENE, Ore. — The interest rates on some student loans will double next month unless Congress takes action to keep the current rate. Students at the University of Oregon say school is hard enough to pay for and many weren’t planning on having even higher interest rates on their student loans. Currently, the interest rate … Continue reading »

Oregon Holds Tuition Increase Hearing

EUGENE, Ore. — Students at the University of Oregon are speaking out about the proposed Oregon University System tuition increases. Ten students testified Friday morning at the Erb Memorial and their message was clear–a good education is getting way too expensive. UO students who testified say mounting college costs are making it nearly impossible for … Continue reading »

Students March for Education Funding

SALEM, Ore.– Hundreds of students from more than 15 schools marched to the Capitol steps to ask legislators to make higher education more affordable. At the rally in Salem, students demanded increases to higher education budgets including: $850 million for universities, $510 million for community colleges, $15 million for the Oregon Opportunity Grant, Oregon’s only … Continue reading »

Students Paying More for College

EUGENE, Ore. — A new report shows public universities in Oregon have seen the largest increase in student enrollment out of every state in the country. But students attending the public universities are getting less money from the state. For the past five years, public universities in Oregon have seen enrollment increases of 36 percent; … Continue reading »

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