Binge-Watching TV Linked to Depression

(CNN) — A new study finds binge-watching television could be bad for you. Researchers with University of Texas in Austin say they’ve found a link between marathon TV sessions and depression and loneliness. The researchers surveyed more than 300 18 to 29 year-old people about their television-watching habits and how often they felt lonely or … Continue reading »

Supreme Court Rules Against Aereo

(CNN) — In a big win for broadcasters, the Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that streaming TV service Aereo violates the U.S. Copyright Act. The major TV networks were among those who put up a united front and filed suit against Aereo back in 2012. The companies argued that their signals were being sold illegally by … Continue reading »

Intel TV Deal Hits Snag

(CNN) — Intel’s rumored venture into television service may have hit a road block. The Wall Street Journal reports the tech giant is having trouble coming to agreements over licensing content. According to the paper, that could delay the launch of its TV service to later this year. Intel is said to be developing a … Continue reading »

NextStep is Taking Unneeded Electronics

EUGENE, Ore. — Have you considered reducing, reusing and recycling your electronics? A group called NextStep Recycling wants people to donate their used and unneeded gadgets rather than stashing them away. It takes everything that runs on batteries or plugs, including TVs, radios, stereos and VHS/DVD players. NextStep says what you may consider trash another … Continue reading »

No More Loud Commercials

(CNN) — Say goodbye to extra loud TV commercials. Starting Dec. 13, blaring commercials that are much louder than the show you are watching are banned. The Federal Communications Commission barred the practice, saying ads must maintain the “same average volume” as the programs they accompany. Loud commercials have been a leading source of complaints … Continue reading »