DeFazio Talks with the Unemployed

EUGENE, Ore. — A group of about 30 people met with Rep. Peter DeFazio to share their stories of unemployment and why it’s critical to reinstate long-term unemployment benefits. They come from a number of different backgrounds and walks of life, but folks who spoke with him Wednesday have one thing in common: a need … Continue reading »

Senate Passes Unemployment Benefits Bill

EUGENE, Ore. — A democratic bill to extend unemployment benefits for three months passed through the U.S. Senate Tuesday. The bill which passed in a 60 to 37 roll call vote, will give those who’ve been unemployed long term, some extra footing to hopefully land a job. But those we spoke with Tuesday have mixed … Continue reading »

Long-Term Unemployed Lose Benefits

EUGENE, Ore. — More than a million Americans are preparing for a financial hit this weekend. Starting Saturday, extended unemployment benefits will come to an end. The Oregon Employment Department says thousands of Oregonians will be out of benefits and out of luck as lawmakers left Washington this year without voting on an extension. Though … Continue reading »

Unemployment Benefits Expire Saturday

(CNN) — Federal unemployment benefits end Saturday for 1.3 million jobless Americans. The checks will stop coming after a program signed into law back in 2008 expires Saturday. An additional 850,000 workers will also lose state unemployment benefits over the next three months. Congress extended or expanded the federal aid to the long-term jobless 11 … Continue reading »

Oregon’s Jobless Running Out of Benefits

EUGENE, Ore. — Oregon’s jobless rate just dropped below 8 percent for the first time since the 2008 recession. But people are still out of work, and how many of those people in Lane County have exhausted their benefits? Employment department leaders say the numbers are looking better. If you have fewer unemployed people, you have … Continue reading »

Cuts Affect Oregon Jobless Benefits

EUGENE, Ore. — The federal spending cuts are already making an impact here in Oregon. The state employment department says emergency unemployment benefits will be reduced by more than 10 percent. A University of Oregon economist says Oregon won’t be impacted as much as other states, though since it relies less on federal funding, but … Continue reading »

State Overpaid Jobless Benefits Money

SALEM, Ore. — An audit found the state of Oregon overpaid jobless benefits last year by $41 million. Now the state is asking for that money back. The audit found two major errors: The unemployment benefits system allowed people to get paid on two different claims, and some could receive more than the weekly benefits … Continue reading »

Long-Term Unemployment Benefits Shortened

EUGENE, Ore. — In February, Congress passed an extension that provided special long-term unemployment benefits. The extension listed four tiers of unemployment. If you are part of the fourth tier, it means you’ve been unemployed the longest. Those folks were given 16 extra weeks of benefits. But now, lawmakers are saying anyone added to tier … Continue reading »