US Embassy in Tripoli Evacuated

TRIPOLI, LIBRA (CNN) — The United State has evacuated its embassy in the embattled Libyan capital of Tripoli. The embassy was attacked in 2011. Recently, operations have relocated to a new facility. The urgent removal of some 150 embassy staff by U.S. Marines comes amid intense militia fighting in the area. It also comes just … Continue reading »

TSA Measures Scrutinize Electronics

(CNN) — ¬†Power it up, or leave it behind. The Transportation Security Administration said Sunday that officers may ask passengers en route to the United States from overseas to turn on their electronic devices to prove they work and aren’t explosive devices. They won’t allow devices without power on board planes. The traveler may then … Continue reading »

AG Calls For Shorter Prison Sentences

(CNN) — Shorter sentences could be on the way for as many as 20,000 federal prisoners. That’s if a new proposal by the Justice Department is approved by the U.S. Sentencing Commission next month. Attorney General Eric Holder discussed the issue at an event Tuesday. The change would apply to prisoners without “significant” criminal histories, … Continue reading »