UOPD Ready to Respond in Emergencies

EUGENE, Ore. — The University of Oregon Police Department wants students to know they’re prepared to act fast in emergency situations. On Tuesday, a student at Purdue University was killed when authorities say a gunman walked onto campus. This is just the latest in a string of campus shootings on middle, high school, and college … Continue reading »

UO Police to Hold Safety Walk

EUGENE, Ore. — University of Oregon Police Department and university officials are holding a safety walk Wednesday night to find specific problem spots around campus. Campus managers say the hope is to bring lighting to areas that are dark and see a lot of traffic. They say getting the feedback from those other than school … Continue reading »

Board Approves Firearms for UOPD

PORTLAND, Ore. — Officers on the University of Oregon campus will now be allowed to carry firearms after a unanimous vote by the Oregon State Board of Higher Education on Friday. Not everyone on the board agrees that arming UO Police is a good idea, but they say that it seems to be the best … Continue reading »

Board Votes to Allow UOPD to Carry Guns

PORTLAND, Ore. — In a unanimous vote, the Oregon State Board of Higher Education has voted to allow campus officers at the University of Oregon to carry weapons. We’ll have more on this developing story on KEZI 9 News at 5 and 6 p.m.

UO Names New Police Chief

EUGENE, Ore. — The University of Oregon announced it has a new police chief. It has named the interim chief Carolyn McDermed as the new top cop. McDermed says the timing of this appointment couldn’t be better, since the department is transitioning from a public safety department to a full-fledged police force. “I am excited … Continue reading »

UO Requests to Arm Campus Police

EUGENE, Ore. — On Friday, the University of Oregon announced that it could soon arm its campus police officers. The university transitioned to a full-fledged police force in 2011, but its sworn officers haven’t been carrying weapons. President Michael Gottfredson just submitted a request to the Oregon University System to change that. “We want to … Continue reading »

UO Police Set to Hire Officers

EUGENE, Ore. — The University of Oregon says it’s ready for the next step in campus safety: hiring police officers. The university says it’s looking for experienced officers or newcomers as long as they fit UOPD’s mission. One difference between campus officers and those across the state: UOPD officers aren’t allowed to carry guns. The … Continue reading »

UOPD Considers Arming its Officers

EUGENE, Ore. — The University of Oregon held its first public hearing as it considers arming its police officers. About 50 people filed into the meeting including students, attorneys and officers. UO Public Safety Division became an official police department in October. Part of that transition includes giving guns to officers. The university says arming … Continue reading »

UO to Discuss Arming Campus Police

EUGENE, Ore. — The University of Oregon is holding its first in a series of public forums to discuss whether its police officers should be armed when on duty. The school’s police department became a police agency last year. Since the spring, the department has met with students, faculty, and staff to discuss the possibility … Continue reading »

Name Change Only Part of UOPD Transition

EUGENE, Ore. — The University of Oregon Department of Public Safety is now the University of Oregon Police Department. Aside from the name change, the department will stay the same. The Oregon legislature changed a law in January to allow state universities to have their own police departments. The UO wanted to create a layout … Continue reading »

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