Students Preventing Bacterial Infection

EUGENE, Ore. — The University of Oregon is encouraging students who may have had contact with a sick student to seek preventative care. The health center saw a steady flow of students coming in Monday to get the shot that will prevent the bacterial infection Neisseria Meningococcemia. This infection can lead to Meningitis. The UO … Continue reading »

Researchers to Test Ebola Vaccine

(CNN) — The death toll of the Ebola outbreak in Africa has risen above 1,500 people. Researchers in the United States are beginning trials on an Ebola vaccine this week. Twenty healthy volunteers will be given varying dosages of the vaccine. The goal of the trial is to see if their immune systems respond positively to the … Continue reading »

Doctors Warn of Measles Outbreak

MEDFORD, Ore. – Public health officials are urging people to get immunized after an outbreak of the measles. The disease, which had been eradicated roughly a decade ago, has appeared six times in Oregon this year – one more case than all of last year. Dr. Jim Shames, Medical Director of Jackson County Health and … Continue reading »

Oregon No. 1 in Immunization Exemptions

EUGENE, Ore. — Oregon now has the highest rate of immunization exemptions for its kindergartners. The state just released the latest numbers, tallied after the deadline a couple months ago. Last year, Oregon ranked third in the nation behind Washington and Vermont. Lane County health workers hope this new data will garner support for some … Continue reading »

Mother Frustrated with Vaccine Problem

EUGENE, Ore. — A Eugene mother is frustrated to find out a number of her son’s vaccinations may have been ineffective. The Oregon Immunization Program conducted site visits back in 2009 and found that many large clinics in the Eugene and Springfield area had refrigeration problems. Eugene Pediatric Associates says it recently learned it was … Continue reading »

Douglas County Changes Immunization Rule

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. — County immunization services may soon be disappearing for some residents who will be deemed ineligible by the CDC come March 1. Until this time, the CDC’s Vaccine for Children program and others allowed for under-insured individuals to be eligible for vaccinations. The Section 317 program allowed for children through the age … Continue reading »

Lane County to Host Immunization Clinic

EUGENE, Ore. — Lane County wants to make it more convenient for parents get their children up to date on their vaccinations, so it’s hosting an immunization clinic for the next three days. Lane County Health & Human Services will staff the clinic from Feb. 19-21. This comes during the week of the state’s exclusion day, … Continue reading »

Flu Season Continues

EUGENE, Ore. — Lane County health workers said the number of flu cases reported is slowing down from the spike we saw in early January. The Health Department also says the vaccine shortage is over. The department and many local pharmacies ordered more of the vaccine after running out earlier in the month. Since this … Continue reading »

Some Clinics Hold Vaccine for OHP

EUGENE, Ore. — A KEZI 9 News viewer found the flu vaccine at his children’s pediatricians office. But he was told they couldn’t get the shot. He e-mailed us to find answers about why the vaccine was just out of reach. “I was noticing that flu’s coming through the Eugene area, so I called Crescent … Continue reading »

County Addresses Flu Vaccine Shortage

EUGENE, Ore. — Lane County pharmacies are experiencing a flu vaccine shortage. People all over our area headed the flu warnings and rushed out to get flu shots. The problem is most are now out and it’s unclear when new shipments will come in. We spent most of the morning calling a couple dozen pharmacies … Continue reading »

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