Top 9 Locally Sourced Restaurants: No. 5

EUGENE, Ore. — When asked how she came up with the idea of Vanilla Jill’s, Megan Stevens’ answer is direct and honest: “We love to eat and we love to cook.┬áIf anything, it was just a craving. It was something I wanted to eat and wasn’t available in the city.” She and her husband Tim … Continue reading »

Frozen Yogurt Shops Sees Sweet Success

EUGENE, Ore. — Frozen yogurt shop Vanilla Jill’s is finding some sweet success and is expanding. On a sunny day, there’s nothing better than a tasty treat to cool you down, but make that snack a healthy one, and it tastes even better. “We’re making it from kiefer so it’s full of probiotics,” said Megan … Continue reading »