Anchor Moms: My Wormy Life

Fact:   I moved to Eugene, Oregon because I like what the city stands for–it’s bike-friendly, green, and big enough to be a big city without being BIG. Fact:   I love gardening–from growing organic vegetables and fruit to harvesting them. Fact:   In 2014, we bought a home in Eugene with a big backyard. LET THE … Continue reading »

Learn How to Compost

EUGENE, Ore. — Organizers of a monthly compost workshop say this weekend is especially important because of all the falling leaves. The OSU Extension Service is holding the workshop Saturday, Nov. 1 at BRING Recycling from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Trained compost specialists will deliver hands-on learning covering the basics, like how composting works and which … Continue reading »

How to Compost Leaves Properly

EUGENE, Ore. — Now that leaves are changing colors, it’s the time of the year to decide what to do with all those leaves piling up in your front yard. And while the city of Eugene’s leaf pick-up program starts next month, adding leaves to your compost pile is another option. Local compost specialists say … Continue reading »

School Celebrates Composting Program

EUGENE, Ore. — Did you celebrate America Recycles Day Thursday? Students over at The Village School in Eugene did. They also used it as an opportunity to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Love Food, Not Waste Program. Each grade lined up just outside the school gardens to watch Rexius drop off its gift of … Continue reading »

Leaf Compost Available for Gardeners

EUGENE, Ore. — Western Oregon is getting a couple of days off from rain. It is a great time to prep the garden for winter. Jim Graham is closing up his garden plot at Amazon Community Garden. He uses a tarp as a cover. Other gardeners use leaves as mulch, putting about  two inches on … Continue reading »

Vermicomposting Help Gardens Thrive

EUGENE, Ore. — Some people think they are gross and slimy, but for gardeners worms are gold. Barbara Dumesnil is a master gardener and in her home, nothing goes to waste. “We’ve got basic vegetable scraps, coffee and coffee filters,” said Dumesnil. After eating, the scraps serve two functions, standard composting and vermicomposting or feeding … Continue reading »