Minimum Wage Goes Up Again

OREGON — Thousands of Oregonians will be getting a boost in their paycheck starting next year. Labor officials announced Wednesday they’re raising the state’s minimum wage to $9.25, up from $9.10, starting January 1. Minimum wage employees working 30 hours a week will get $234 more next year. Officials say it will help workers keep … Continue reading »

Minimum Wage to Increase in January

SALEM, Ore. — Oregon Labor and Industries commissioner Brad Avakian announced Tuesday that the state minimum wage will increase to $9.10 on January 1. That’s up $0.15 from this year. There are 98,000 workers in Oregon who make minimum wage. For an employee who works 30 hours a week, it comes out to an extra … Continue reading »

Oregon’s Minimum Wage Rises 15 Cents

SALEM, Ore. — Oregon’s lowest-paid workers will get a raise this new year starting Jan. 1, when a 15-cent increase to the state’s minimum wage takes effect. Starting Jan. 1, the increase from $8.80 to $8.95 per hour will mean an extra $312 a year for families with one full-time minimum wage worker. Oregon will … Continue reading »

Women Grads Earn $8,000 Less Than Men

(CNN) — The wage gap between men and women may start as soon as new college grads collect their first paycheck. A new study by the American Association of University Women says, among recent college graduates, full-time working women earn 82 percent of what their male peers do. One year after college, the average salary … Continue reading »