Motors Banned from Waldo Lake

SALEM, Ore. — The Oregon Legislature is moving forward with a plan to ban all motorized vehicles on Waldo Lake. The Senate voted 37 to 20 Monday to approve the bill, which prohibits the use of motorized boats and seaplanes on the lake. The bill does include an exception for motorboats at speeds of less … Continue reading »

Planes May Be Banned from Waldo Lake

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The purity of Waldo Lake inspired a lengthy debate in Springfield. The Oregon Aviation Board heard public comment Thursday night as it considers banning sea planes from the lake. Most of the 80 people who spoke seemed to be in favor of a ban. The Oregon Marine Board recently got rid of … Continue reading »

Update: Woman Found Dead at Waldo Lake

LANE COUNTY, Ore. — Barbara Helen Bergmann was reported missing from the Islet campground on Waldo lake yesterday afternoon. Her husband rounded up other campers and started a search, suspecting that she was missing. When the campers couldn’t locate her, they called local authorities. Deputies found Bergmann today in the water in Waldo lake. The … Continue reading »