OSMB Reminds to Boat Safe This Weekend

SALEM, Ore. – Memorial Day weekend signals the beginning of boating season in Oregon and the Oregon State Marine Board wants to make sure boaters are prepared. The U.S. Coast Guard reported that alcohol consumption attributed to 296 accidents with 243 injuries and 125 deaths in 2011. “A fun-filled day can turn tragic from drinking … Continue reading »

Water Safety Reminders for Warm Weekend

EUGENE, Ore. — The beautiful weekend will likely send a few people racing to the rivers. Lane County Search and Rescue says the first problem is people will not be checking their equipment. This is likely the first time since last summer some people are venturing out. Boaters should make sure their motors are tuned … Continue reading »

Rescue Crews Gear Up for a Busy Weekend

EUGENE, Ore. — With seven reservoirs, three rivers and more than three dozen lakes, Lane County Search and Rescue said it’s amping up for a weekend full of floating and swimming. But there are only three Marine Patrol Deputies and Search and Rescue on call for Lane County, stretching them thin. Marine Patrol said they … Continue reading »

Lane County Search and Rescue Urges People to Play Safe in Water

May 19, 2012 By Nha Nguyen EUGENE, Ore. — In the wake of a drowning incident in Linn County on Friday, Lane County Search and Rescue crews took the opportunity to continue to warn residents how deadly the water currents can be. Deputies said the strong river currents can be deceptive at a glance and urged folks … Continue reading »