Free Speech Plaza Closure Extended

EUGENE, Ore. — With a vote of 4-to-1, the Lane County Board of Commissioners moved to extend the closure of the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza in downtown Eugene Tuesday. The plaza was originally closed for four weeks to allow the board to create an ordinance change. County officials say in order to do that, … Continue reading »

Free Speech Plaza Reopens

EUGENE, Ore. — The Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza was officially opened to the public again Tuesday. This follows the emergency closure of the site last week. SLEEPS protesters were forced to leave the premises due to health and safety concerns, Wednesday. Lane County says the site has been cleaned and city crews have taken … Continue reading »

Exclusive: Sr. Health Officer On SLEEPS

EUGENE, Ore. — On Wednesday, the Lane County Board of Commissioners voted 4 to 1 to close down the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza and the nearby “Butterfly” parking lot in response to growing concerns about public health and safety. The board of commissioners asked Lane County’s Senior Public Health Officer, Dr. Patrick Luedtke, for … Continue reading »

Lane County to Consider Plaza Closure

EUGENE, Ore. — The battle over the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza will continue this week as the Lane County Board of Commissioners will hold a special session on Wednesday to discuss how they will deal with the growing protest site and its related problems. The board is considering an emergency closure of the plaza … Continue reading »

SLEEPS Protest Causes Safety Concerns

EUGENE, Ore. — Lane County commissioners say if the recent sanitary concerns weren’t enough at the SLEEPS camp in downtown Eugene, they can now add public access and safety to the list. Commissioners say they’ve gotten several calls from citizens who felt uncomfortable and even unsafe walking through the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza. They … Continue reading »