Walk Through West Eugene Wetlands

EUGENE, Ore. — Twenty years ago a joint effort began to save the West Eugene Wetlands. While that effort is ongoing, Saturday those involved looked back on their progress and worked to spread the word about the wetlands and why they’re so important to our ecosystem. By bike or by foot, dozens of Eugene residents … Continue reading »

Volunteers Clean Up Wetlands

EUGENE, Ore. — Volunteers spent the day Saturday spreading woodchips on a newly created path near Stewart Pond. “So you can look, there used to be a pond here, but since it’s summer it was drying up and so we’re just making it look a little more walkable and to look I guess a little … Continue reading »

Wetland Restoration Taking Longer

EUGENE, Ore. — Not far away from the controlled burn in West Eugene, another restoration process was underway Tuesday. Crews were still out in the West Eugene wetlands, cleaning and restoring the area after the Bureau of Land Management cleared illegal campers out of the area. That was weeks ago. Crews have been cleaning up … Continue reading »

BLM Begins Clean-Up

EUGENE, Ore. — The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) started the clean-up process in the west Eugene wetlands on Thursday. Crews got started a day late, but didn’t lose any time trying to get things ready for restoration. Crews are hoping to clear out about 40 different campsites within the next two weeks. Clean-up was … Continue reading »

BLM Closes Local Wetlands

EUGENE, Ore. — The clock is ticking for homeless people illegally camping in the west Eugene wetlands. The Bureau of Land Management will start evicting campers this week. People who frequent the area say while they’re disappointed by the closure, they’re looking forward to the upcoming changes. “I put in a proposal three years ago, … Continue reading »

Junction City Residents Debate Wetlands

JUNCTION CITY, Ore. — Some Junction City residents are upset that some of their property is now being deemed potential wetlands. The city says taking inventory of its wetlands is required by a state statute and its not taking over anyone’s property. Still, some residents are worried that what they called part of their backyard … Continue reading »

Junction City May Be Expanding

JUNCTION CITY, Ore. — Junction City is considering expanding its boundaries. The city says it will help bring in new tax revenue, but some residents say the proposal hits too close to home. The debate centers around areas the city wants to reclassify as wetlands along with large sections around them that would be regulated … Continue reading »

Wander the Wetlands of West Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. — Conservation efforts are paying off. The wetlands in many areas are disappearing, but they’re thriving in west Eugene. You don’t have to travel far to enjoy wildlife. You can find hundreds of species of plants and animals right here in Eugene. Susanna Hamilton and Lindsay Raber are environmental educators with WREN, the … Continue reading »