Spring Whale Watching Week Begins

FLORENCE, Ore. — Students may be taking a break from hitting the books, but some whale watching experts are hoping to draw some of them to the coast for some spring whale watching. Spring Whale Watching Week is always at the same time as spring break in the state of Oregon and volunteers are staffing … Continue reading »

Whale Watchers Flock to Oregon Coast

If you’re looking for a big after-Christmas Day adventure, you should think about heading to the Oregon Coast. The Winter Whale Watch begins Dec. 26 in Oregon, Washington and California. Gray whales are now on their southern migration. Parks departments in all three states have trained volunteers to help visitors spot them. They’ve set up … Continue reading »

People Flock to the Coast for Whale Week

CAPE PERPETUA, Ore. — Saturday marked the official start of Spring Whale Watching Week at the Oregon Coast. Spectators could see dozens of grey whales passing by the Oregon Coast at Cape Perpetua. Volunteers are staffing lookout points along the coast to offer a helping hand to amateur whale watchers. “We’re out here to stimulate … Continue reading »

Volunteers Help Spot Gray Whales

FLORENCE, Ore. — It’s one of the biggest weeks on the Oregon Coast–and it’s happening right now. It’s Whale Watching Week. Wildlife enthusiasts are coming from all over the country to see the gray whales on their annual southward migration to Baja, Mexico. About 18,000 to 20,000 whales are expected to pass by the Oregon … Continue reading »

Winter Whale Watch Week Begins

While the winter winds blow and the rains continue to fall, gray whales are passing the Oregon Coast on their southward migration. Bring binoculars to the coast for a chance to view these majestic creatures during winter whale watch week, which starts Wednesday, Dec. 26. Roughly 18,000 whales will pass by Oregon, and there are … Continue reading »