Dozens of New Trees Planted In Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. — Dozens of new trees were planted in the Whiteaker and some south Eugene neighborhoods Saturday thanks to volunteers. Friends of Trees partnered up with Ninkasi Brewing and recruited more than 60 volunteers to plant more than 40 new trees. Organizers say the trees will provide many long term benefits for the neighborhoods … Continue reading »

Volunteers Prepare for Whiteaker Dinner

EUGENE, Ore. — Volunteers for the Whiteaker Community Dinner are preparing for the big Thanksgiving feast. Dozens of volunteers were at the Lane Community College Cafeteria Sunday afternoon, preparing for the 26th annual free dinner at the Whiteaker Head Start Center. Coordinators say they feed nearly 2,500 people every year on Thanksgiving. They say it’s … Continue reading »

Block Party Cleanup Begins

EUGENE, Ore. — It’s the day after the big party and now it’s time to clean up. About 40 organizers of the Whiteaker Block Party were out in full force Sunday morning taking down canopies and picking up trash. Organizers say they work to keep the area clean by getting out early. “Our main focus … Continue reading »

Whit: Block Party & Revitalization

EUGENE, Ore.– The Whiteaker came alive on Saturday, with music, food, and lots of people for the 8th annual Whiteaker Block Party in Eugene. “We are down here because we’re really excited about what’s going on in the Whiteaker and we love the culture and the people,” said party goer Rudolph Korv. The party draws … Continue reading »

Whiteaker Residents Clean Up Community

EUGENE, Ore. — Community members in Eugene’s Whiteaker put on their best superhero outfits Sunday to clean up their neighborhood. Kids and adults split into groups and received cleaning routes. The volunteers worked to clear garbage off the streets and get rid of unwanted items left behind in local alley ways. “We go through the … Continue reading »

Falling Branches Causing Hazards

EUGENE, Ore. — Calls poured in all day Saturday about heavy, ice-covered branches falling on cars, houses, and power lines. Many viewers were concerned about people’s safety. Andrew Traweek lives in the Whiteaker area of Eugene. He says a tree branch fell on his mother-in-law’s car Saturday morning. It broke the windshield and dented the … Continue reading »

Community Dinner Draws Thousands

EUGENE, Ore. — Thousands of people headed to the Whiteaker for the annual community dinner Thursday afternoon. For many people this is the only place they can go for a hot holiday meal. Aside from the food, volunteers handed out sleeping bags, blankets, and warm clothes. They even had nurses on scene giving out flu … Continue reading »

Turkeys Arrive for Community Dinner

EUGENE, Ore. — The 25th annual Whiteaker Free Community Thanksgiving Dinner is quickly arriving, and volunteers are already preparing. The dinner is more than just a free meal for families in need – winter items are also handed out. Anyone can drop off donations at the Whiteaker Head Start Center. Volunteers need warm clothes, shoes and … Continue reading »

Interview: Mural Bike Tour

EUGENE, Ore. — If you haven’t seen the amazing murals in Eugene’s Whiteaker neighborhood, this weekend is your chance. The Great Mural Bike Tour is free, and anyone who attends can see the art and meet the artists. It kicks off Saturday at 10 a.m. Jessica Watson from the Lane Arts Council joined us live … Continue reading »

Volunteers Help Clean After Block Party

EUGENE, Ore. — A big party usually calls for a big clean up. That’s why volunteers started picking up around 5 a.m. Sunday after the Whiteaker Block Party. Jason Vanderhaar, the block party secretary, was thrilled with the turnout this year. He called it “the best he’s ever seen”. Vanderhaar says the event required a lot … Continue reading »

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