Whoville Close To Finding New Site

EUGENE, Ore. — You may recall the anonymous $400,000 donation for Whoville campers. Now an elected board of homeless advocates and residents are getting real close to finding a site. Representatives say it will be called the Nightingale Health Sanctuary and will meet certain requirements. It will have easy access to Whitebird Clinic, the Dining … Continue reading »

Whoville Campers at Federal Building

EUGENE, Ore. — Homeless campers are back at the old federal building plaza after a week-long cleaning closure. A camper said the majority of those who are camping at the old federal building are members of Whoville. Back on April 1, the Eugene Police Department shut down the Whoville camp at Broadway and Hilyard. One … Continue reading »

Leo Harris Parkway Rest Stop Rejected

EUGENE, Ore. — A homeless rest stop will not open in the Science Factory parking lot in Eugene. The Eugene City Council voted to take the rest stop on Leo Harris Parkway off the list for future sites. This was their first meeting since the city evicted campers from the Whoville site on Broadway and Hilyard. … Continue reading »

Man Arrested for Racial Intimidation

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. – Springfield Police say a former Whoville resident was arrested Tuesday night, accused of racial intimidation and menacing. Police say 52-year-old William Spivey became outraged at a family celebrating a birthday party at Island Park because he thought they were throwing rocks at ducks. They say Spivey approached the two alleged victims and … Continue reading »

Whoville Campsite Closed

EUGENE, Ore. — The Whoville campsite on Broadway and Hilyard is now vacated after Eugene police sent campers packing. Police started vacating the site at 9 a.m., blocking off part of the intersection of Hilyard and Broadway. Campers told us they received a rude awakening, while the city and others say they were warned and … Continue reading »

What’s Next for Whoville Campers?

EUGENE, Ore. — Now that Whoville has been cleared out, 30 people are looking for a new place to live. So will they set up another campsite? Campers we spoke with say they plan to find temporary places to stay for now until they can find another spot to call home. But the city plans … Continue reading »

Traffic Alert: EPD Vacates Whoville Camp

UPDATE (11 a.m.): Eugene police and the city of Eugene are closing Whoville, that illegal campsite at Broadway and Hilyard. Officers have been out there since 9 a.m. Friday clearing out the site. Officers have taped off the entire site and nearby streets. Traffic is moving slower than usual. The scene has been pretty peaceful … Continue reading »

Whoville Supporters Fined During Protest

EUGENE, Ore. — A dozen homeless camping supporters are facing hefty fines after receiving citations during a protest Tuesday night. The city of Eugene says there are no new plans in place right now for clearing the campsite at the corner of Broadway and Hilyard. But last week the city announced the clearing of the … Continue reading »

Eugene Homeless Campers on the Move

EUGENE, Ore. — Some local homeless campers were on the move Tuesday, after police temporarily closed the old federal building plaza. At the Broadway and Hilyard site, the only remains of the homeless camp that was there for months is some garbage and a pile of wooden crates. Homeless campers have been at this campsite … Continue reading »

Will Rest Stops Help Eugene Homeless?

EUGENE, Ore. – The term “rest stops” is used a lot in Eugene, but many people aren’t sure exactly what they are or how they work. The city came up with the idea for rest stops to provide a safe place for the homeless to sleep. The latest proposed site is Leo Harris Drive, near … Continue reading »

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