City To Clear Homeless Campers

EUGENE, Ore. — The city of Eugene will start clearing out the homeless camp at the corner of Broadway and Hilyard starting Tuesday, but campers say they want more time. ┬áThose who’ve been camping at the site said they’re not happy with the way the city’s eliminating their camp. But, the city of Eugene said … Continue reading »

New Homeless Rest Stop near Amphitheater

EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene City Council approved a new rest stop location near the Cuthbert Amphitheater, and it’s not sitting well with homeless advocates or surrounding businesses. The city-owned property would house 15 people. It’s next to an existing car-camping area near the amphitheater bridge and the Science Factory parking lot. Homeless advocates say … Continue reading »

Councilors Approve Rest Stop Site

EUGENE, Ore. — With the clock ticking on the illegal campsite known as Whoville at Broadway and Hilyard, those living there may have another option when the city closes the campsite. The Eugene City Council approved a new rest-stop site near the Cuthbert Amphitheater and Science Factory. Those with disabilities would have priority to stay … Continue reading »

Whoville Says Third Site Not Acceptable

EUGENE, Ore. — Supporters of the homeless campsite known as Whoville are once again upset with the Eugene City Council. They say the site identified for a third rest stop is not acceptable. The group held a press conference Wednesday at the Northwest Expressway and River Road site to explain why it would not work. … Continue reading »

Council Moves to Close Whoville Camp

EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene City Council made some big decisions Wednesday about the city’s homeless population and the issues that surround it. The council approved a third rest stop and decided to shut down the site known as “Whoville.” The three-part motion passed by a vote of 5 to 2 today. Part of that … Continue reading »

Eugene to Allow Whoville Past Deadline

EUGENE, Ore. — Despite giving the homeless camp at Broadway and Hilyard 30 days to close, Eugene councilors say they will not evict those campers unless there are new resources established. The discussion Tuesday night was all part of the council’s look at the rest stop ordinance and whether the city should extend the pilot … Continue reading »

Whoville Campers Given 30 More Days

EUGENE, Ore. — Illegal campers living at the site called Whoville have 30 more days before they’re forced out. The Eugene City Council decided Wednesday that they need to provide the 40 or 50 people living there a new place to go, before making them leave. The one approved rest stop for homeless campers in … Continue reading »

Rest Stop Ordinance May be Extended

EUGENE, Ore. — With the illegal homeless camp known as Whoville on the brink of closing, the Eugene City Council may soon change the Overnight Sleeping Pilot Program Ordinance. Citing the length of time it took to get the first rest-stop running, the city may extend the pilot program until October 31. The city has … Continue reading »

Whoville Supporters Call on Eugene Mayor

EUGENE, Ore. — Members and supporters of the campsite “Whoville” had a big request for the mayor of Eugene Thursday. They want her to declare a state of emergency to keep the site open. Last week, the city of Eugene posted signs at the Broadway and Hilyard campsite, telling campers to leave the property or … Continue reading »

Eugene Hangs ‘No Tresspassing’ Signs

EUGENE, Ore. — The city of Eugene is asking campers to clear out of the site at Broadway and Hilyard so crews can clean up, but campers say they plan to put up a fight. The campsite has been home to around 60 people for the past four months. Now the city says camping will … Continue reading »

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