City to Evict Whoville Campers

EUGENE, Ore. — On Friday, the City of Eugene will notify Whoville campers that they have to vacate their site on Broadway and Hilyard. There are currently about 50 people camping at the site. The city says the property is not open for public use of any kind, so on Friday someone from the city … Continue reading »

Whoville Celebrates Christmas

EUGENE, Ore. — The “Whoville” homeless camp celebrated Christmas, with not one — but three trees at its camp site. “Whoville” members say their largest tree was donated by a school after it used it for a play. Another came from Eugene police and a third was donated by a local family. “Whoville” members say it … Continue reading »

Whoville Campers React to Fight at Camp

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene police plan to re-evaluate safety at the “Whoville”  homeless camp after a fight lands one man behind bars. The fight happened on Friday night. “Whoville” spokesperson Tzedakah Bateliyah says she was in her tent when she started hearing people screaming, “knife, knife, call 911.” Eugene police says when officers arrived they … Continue reading »

EPD Evaluates Safety at Homeless Camp

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene police say they’re re-evaluating safety at the Whoville homeless camp after a fight landed one man in jail Friday. Police say they were dispatched for a stabbing. Officers found a camper detaining Robert Wright. Police say witnesses say some of the campers became offended by Wright’s swastika tattoo and attempted to … Continue reading »

No Plans to Close ‘Whoville’

EUGENE, Ore. — A passionate plea from the homeless community ends with some peace of mind for those in ‘Whoville’. Many people were concerned the city would shut down the camp at Broadway at Hilyard, but the city dispelled that rumor. The plea started with a song and poem, about an hour before the council … Continue reading »

Homeless Campers Unhappy With Rest Stops

EUGENE, Ore. — The city of Eugene approved a motion to open the first homeless rest stop at Roosevelt and Garfield. But many homeless campers near downtown said this rest stop opening is causing problems for many homeless people in the area. Tzedakah Bat Eliyah has been camping at the corner of Broadway and Hilyard … Continue reading »

SLEEPS Marches to Mayor’s Office

EUGENE, Ore. — Progress was made between SLEEPS and the city of Eugene Monday, as SLEEPS members met with Mayor Kitty Piercy. SLEEPS members who live at the Whoville camp say talking with the mayor was a step in the right direction. Both the mayor, and the four members in the meeting, say it was … Continue reading »

Whoville Works to Stay Dry

EUGENE, Ore. — Although they’re outside, the homeless campers at Whoville worked to stay dry from the rain, Monday. Campers say with the rain coming down and the season changing, it’s motivating them to up the effort to find a safe place to sleep even more. Many have gathered in a covered area to stay … Continue reading »

Whose Property is Whoville On?

EUGENE, Ore. — The Oregon Department of Transportation and the City of Eugene are trying to figure out who owns the land SLEEPS protesters are camping on. Eugene Police says it looks like one group is potentially camping on property owned by ODOT, while another group is camping on property owned by the City of … Continue reading »

Councilors Revisit Homeless Issues

EUGENE, Ore. — The issue of homeless will be top of mind as Eugene City Councilors return from summer break. Councilors are in for a long night that will include a regular meeting and two work sessions, Monday. While not all topics are expected to be about homelessness, it will be a hot topic. The … Continue reading »

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