Local Businesses Support the Ducks

EUGENE, Ore. — A lot of businesses around town are supporting the Ducks with storefronts done up in green and yellow. You can’t drive down Franklin Boulevard Monday without seeing some extra support for the Ducks. From McDonald’s to hotels, many businesses are hanging up signs and banners to support the hometown team. Businesses like … Continue reading »

Bruno Mars Bringing A Business Boom

EUGENE, Ore. — From the Super Bowl stage to Matthew Knight Arena—Bruno Mars is in Eugene Monday night and a big crowd is expected around the university area. The CEO of Growler University, which is across the street from Matt Knight Arena, says for Tom Petty last week, they saw a huge crowd and for … Continue reading »

Wild Duck on Coburg Closes

EUGENE, Ore. — The Wild Duck Cafe on Coburg Road closed its doors Monday, after less than a year in business. There were signs up on each entrance, letting customers know about the change. The owners say while business has been okay, they weren’t happy with the overall location. They planned to open an adjacent … Continue reading »

Kelly’s Legacy on Local Businesses

EUGENE, Ore. — Chip Kelly may be gone but his impact on this town lingers, in the record books, at the university at even on the menu at the Wild Duck Cafe. “Well, when we were thinking of coming up with some creative names, I mean we’ve got chips, we’ve got a chip–Chips Kelly,” said … Continue reading »

Fans Prepare for Big Fiesta Bowl

EUGENE, Ore. — The big game is just over 24 hours away, and as the Ducks prepare themselves down in Arizona, folks here are doing the same. The Wild Duck Cafe on Villard Street, just across from Matthew Knight Arena, is working to make sure anyone that comes through its doors to watch the game … Continue reading »