New Cheetah Cub Arrives

WINSTON, Ore. — There’s a fuzzy new and very cute addition to the Wildlife Safari. The female cheetah cub, named Pancake, was born on Feb. 28 from proud parents, Roble and Sage. The mother wasn’t able to produce enough milk to feed Pancake. So safari staff are hand raising the cub around the clock. Pancake … Continue reading »

Grizzly Bear Undergoes Surgery

WINSTON, Ore. — Victor, Wildlife Safari’s largest grizzly bear, successfully underwent knee surgery Friday afternoon. The wildlife park in Winston says knee surgery on grizzly bears is extremely rare and would not have been possible without the commitment and expertise of the surgery team. They also worked with community partners that donated medical supplies. Victor … Continue reading »

Elephant at Wildlife Safari Passes Away

WINSTON, Ore. — Staff members at Wildlife Safari in Winston are celebrating the life of the park’s oldest elephant. They say Alice passed away Tuesday at age 44. Elephants typically live to be just 37. Staff members say she was a joy to spend time with and loved eating onions. Photo courtesy of Wildlife Safari.

Medical Breakthrough at Wildlife Safari

WINSTON, Ore. — There’s been a medical breakthrough at Wildlife Safari in Winston. Staff members say they’ve performed a trans-cervical artificial insemination–the first successful one in history. Wildlife Safari says there are fewer than 10,000 cheetahs left, and they’re considered very difficult to breed. But after two years of working with Oregon State University and … Continue reading »

Wildlife Safari Zoobilee

WINSTON, Ore. — Halloween is right around the corner and the Wildlife Safari is getting ready for its annual Zoobilee. Besides getting to check out the safari’s newest additions, including two marmosets, visitors can play games, visit different booths, and even see some special Halloween themed shows. “It’s called Dr. Frankenstein and the Superspecies Serum. … Continue reading »

Wildlife Safari Welcomes Two Marmosets

WINSTON, Ore. — Wildlife Safari welcomed two new animals to the safari village. It says two Geoffroy’s Marmosets have joined the family. Ganda, a 2-year-old female, and Hercules, a 3-year-old male, came from two different zoos, but now call Winston home. Geoffroy’s Marmoset are originally from southeast Brazil. They normally live in lowland forests eating … Continue reading »

Interview: Wildlife Safari’s New Exhibit

EUGENE, Ore. — Wildlife Safari is a popular summer destination. This summer it’s offering camps for kids and families, and a big attraction so big that elephants can enjoy. Leila Goulet and Tena Lammers joined us on KEZI 9 News Midday to talk about the grand opening event for the new elephant water hole. They … Continue reading »

Interview: Wildlife Safari Porcupine

EUGENE, Ore. — It’s always a great day when our friends from Wildlife Safari drop by the KEZI 9 studios. This morning they brought along a “prickly” companion, and talked about their overnight safari adventure camp!

Cheetah Visits Cesar Chavez Elementary

EUGENE, Ore. — Cheetah pride has a whole new meaning at Cesar Chavez Elementary School. The school’s mascot came to life during an assembly Thursday morning. Two-year-old Khayam is an ambassador cheetah at the Wildlife Safari in Winston. Caretakers take the 96-pound cheetah on tour with them as part of their education program, and it’s … Continue reading »

A Cheetah Cub’s Chance at Life

WNSTON, Ore. — Another mark that spring has sprung! There’s a new baby cheetah at Wildlife Safari in Winston. But it wasn’t an easy delivery process. KEZI 9 News reporter Jessica Debbas shows us how caretakers had to intervene to give this cub a chance at life.

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