Local Group Helps Treat Depression

EUGENE, Ore. — Officials say comedian Robin Williams, who was found dead Monday, had been seeking treatment for depression. They say his death is sparking a lot of discussion about mental health and getting help. Mental health experts at Willamette Family in Eugene see patients every day who deal with different mental battles. Therapists say … Continue reading »

Buckley Center Receives $50K Award

EUGENE, Ore. — The Buckley Sobering Center in Eugene is celebrating its 50th anniversary, thanks to a legislative budget award. The program, which is run by Willamette Family, just received $50,000 for the next two years. Coordinators say they’ve been operating on a deficit for the last ten months, and it was only due to … Continue reading »

2012 Duck Race: Changing Lives

EUGENE, Ore. — Ask Christina Hammond about her life before going through Willamette Family Treatment Services and she responds with brutal honesty. “I knew people didn’t use [drugs] or were clean somehow, but that’s not what I knew,” she said. “That wasn’t my lifestyle. I needed help.” In August 2005, she finally got that help … Continue reading »

2012 Duck Race: Willamette Family

EUGENE, Ore. — It’s 8 a.m. on a Friday and inside Willamette Family Treatment Services’ safe house, everyone’s just getting their day started. Mornings here begin with pajamas and a visit to Sesame Street. “What the safe house is is a place for women, infants and children up to two years old to come live … Continue reading »