Volunteers Clean the Willamette River

EUGENE, Ore. — More than 150 volunteers came out to help clean the Willamette River Saturday. This was the 5th annual Great Willamette clean-up, a project that stretches all the way to Portland. Organizers say there were four ground sites and two water-based sites this year. Among the garbage picked up, organizers say hypodermic needles … Continue reading »

No Jogging at Popular Trailheads

CORVALLIS, Ore. — They are popular destinations for hiking, bird watching, even hunting. But one thing that’s not allowed at three national wildlife refuges in the Willamette Valley: jogging. It’s an old rule, but new signs at William L. Finley, Ankeny, and Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refuge are reminding visitors about it. “Jogging has not … Continue reading »

Canola Allowed in Willamette Valley

CORVALLIS, Ore. — New rules passed down by the Oregon Department of Agriculture Thursday have many Oregon farmers fearful of the future of organic seed farming.  The ODA is allowing canola seed production in the Willamette Valley despite concerns from organic seed farmers about cross contamination. The Willamette Valley has been an exclusion zone for … Continue reading »