Storm Uproots, Topples Tree

EUGENE, Ore. — Utility crews were on standby Monday night in preparation for potential outages and downed trees from a high wind advisory in the Willamette Valley. The storm was already showing its strength at a home in the 2500 block of McMillan Street in South Eugene. Strong winds uprooted and toppled a tree in … Continue reading »

Storm Hits Oregon Coast

NEWPORT, Ore. — On Thursday morning, the docks at the Port of Newport were full. Boats lined up, as crews came back from sea to avoid a huge storm with hurricane-like winds getting up to 85 miles an hour. Fishermen spent the morning making sure their boats were securely tied to the docks. “It’s been … Continue reading »

Wind Damages Power Lines

MEDFORD, Ore. — Wind knocked out power for tens of thousands of people in Oregon and Northern California. Fire crews and Pacific Power teams had to deal with downed trees crushing power lines and damaging property. Representatives with Pacific Power say they had every single crew available working to restore power throughout the day. The Rogue … Continue reading »

Tree Crashes onto House

EUGENE, Ore. — Our first big fall storm of the season tested the rivers, the sewers and at times, even the homes, as several trees came down during the heavy rainfall and strong winds. This fall storm hasn’t disappointed with rain totals topping two inches in some spots. A perfect example of some of the … Continue reading »

Storm Hits Coast

NEWPORT, Ore. — Wind gusts as fast as 52 miles-an-hour blew through stormy Newport Wednesday morning, clearing the beaches and filling the bay with returning boats. Boats are tied up along the docks throughout coastal cities, while fishermen wait for the storm to pass before they can go back out to sea. “Today’s a day where … Continue reading »

Showers & a Few Sunbreaks Sunday

METEOROLOGIST MARISA WOLOSZYN’S FORECAST DISCUSSION: Showers will shift to heavy rain Saturday night, accompanied by gusty winds. A High Wind Warning is in effect for the coast until 4 a.m. Sunday. Winds will be out of the south 25-35 mph with gust 50-60 mph (60-70 mph along beaches and headlands). Winds will be breezy inland with sustained … Continue reading »

Ice And Snow Out, Wind And Rain In

EUGENE, Ore.– Downed trees line the roads after powerful winds and heavy rain slammed across the region overnight. Eugene Public Works waited until the wind advisory was lifted at 6am on Wednesday morning, to start cleanup. Crews focused on clearing blockages on the roads for the morning and afternoon commute, and then moved on to … Continue reading »

Strong Winds Sweep the Coast

FLORENCE, Ore. — While the heavy wind and rain continues along the coast, utility and public works crews say it can’t be any worse than Friday night. Friday night’s winds ranged anywhere from 45 miles per hour to 65 and up to 85 on certain parts of the coast. So, that is why the City … Continue reading »

Storm Causes Minor Damage

EUGENE, Ore. — City leaders in Springfield and Eugene say the record rain and high winds didn’t leave much damage behind. They say overall there wasn’t much damage, only a few trees down and some localized flooding, but the storm was a good training tool to help prepare for the rest of fall and winter. … Continue reading »

Warnings, Watches and Advisories

A HIGH WIND WARNING remains in effect until 11 p.m. for the coast. Winds will be out of the south between 35-45 mph with gusts of 55-65 mph in coast communities. Along beaches and headlands wind gusts will be between 65-80 mph. The strongest winds are expected between 4:30-8 p.m. A WIND ADVISORY remains in … Continue reading »