Overnight Snow for the Cascades

METEOROLOGIST MARISA WOLOSZYN’S FORECAST DISCUSSION: Showers will continue on and off into Sunday night into Monday. The snowline will be around 4,000 feet Sunday night before falling to 3,000 feet Monday. A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for the Cascades from midnight to 4 p.m. Monday. Expect 2-3 inches of new snow across the … Continue reading »

Tree Companies Busy Cleaning Up Debris

EUGENE, Ore. — The ice accumulating on tree branches was too much for a lot of trees around town to handle. “We heard just this large crack and shattering as it hit the ground and that’s the piece that came down in the driveway and took out our pickup truck and part of our house,” … Continue reading »

Thursday-Friday Snow Totals

All totals are from the National Weather Service. Snow totals will most likely vary from your totals. FRIDAY ONLY TOTALS: Marys Peak: 14″ Keizer: 8″ Albany: 6″ Santiam Pass: 6″ Halsey: 5″ Lebanon: 4.5″ West Linn: 4″ Brownsville: 4″ THURSDAY-FRIDAY TOTALS: Corvallis: 12-16″ Philomath: 12″ Eugene: 9″ Brownsville: 4″ Send in your snowfall or ice … Continue reading »

Weather Causing Delays at Eugene Airport

EUGENE, Ore. — It may be hundreds of miles away, but the winter blast in the Midwest and Northeast is leaving some travelers stranded for days at the Eugene Airport. Flights in and out of Eugene were mostly on time Tuesday, but its flights in other parts of the country that are causing the delays. … Continue reading »

Winter Weather Causes Flight Delays

EUGENE, Ore. — A winter storm in other parts of the country is having a rippling effect on flights out of the Eugene Airport. With Christmas just around the corner, hundreds of people are traveling through the Eugene Airport Sunday. But while a number of flights out of the airport were delayed or canceled Sunday … Continue reading »

City Already $30,000 Over Snow Budget

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene’s Public Works Department is already $30,000 over its budget for snow removal costs this year. The department has spent over $90,000 on labor, supplies, and equipment. Crews were out in full force Tuesday, making the most of the slightly warmer temperatures that turned some of the snow into slush for the … Continue reading »

Stores Selling Out of Winter Necessities

EUGENE, Ore. — The shelves at Jerrys that are usually filled with space heaters sit empty, as customers have been stocking up on cold weather necessities all weekend long. “Anything cold weather related, ice melter of course was one of the first things to go. Scrapers, deicer, the spray deicer for locks, heaters, snow shovels,” … Continue reading »

Storm Leaves Slick Roads at Santiam Pass

NEAR SANTIAM PASS, Ore. — Chain restrictions were in place on and off throughout the day Saturday, but even when chains weren’t required, people still chained up because the roadway was completely covered in snow. As cars climbed up and over Santiam Pass, many pulled off the highway. Tire by tire, a group of musicians … Continue reading »

Winter Storm Warnings and Advisories

WESTERN OREGON — A strong winter storm is making it’s way through western Oregon. This storm carries a one-two punch, the first of which was what brought the high winds overnight. This part of the storm has now moved east of the Cascades. Here are the peak wind gusts from overnight: Mary’s Peak (Benton Co.): … Continue reading »

Getting Your Home Ready for Winter

EUGENE, Ore. — It’s starting to get downright cold overnight, and you’re probably starting to notice drafts around your house. Jerry’s Home Improvement in Eugene has some simple tips to winterize your home, making it more energy efficient. “If you have a properly sealed window or properly sealed door with weather stripping or caulking or … Continue reading »