Skinny Dippers Set to Break World Record

MARCOLA, Ore. — They’ve done it before—twice—but can a group of local skinny dippers help set a new world record for the most nudists in one place? We’ll find out Saturday, and you’re invited to join them. The Willamettans will gather at the Family Nudist Resort, located in Marcola. The group was part of a … Continue reading »

Interview: Speed Stackers Set to Compete

EUGENE, Ore. — It’s Guinness World Records Day, and local students are trying to break a record for speed stacking. More than 450,000 stackers across the world are participating in this effort. We know in Oregon about 35 schools and organizations are signed up, including Malabon and Guy Lee elementary schools, as well as the … Continue reading »

Kids Try to Break Speed Stacking Record

EUGENE, Ore. — Who’s the tallest? The fastest? Who has the longest nails? Thursday is Guinness World Records Day. Local students are getting ready to shatter a record for speed stacking. We take you inside the gym at Malabon Elementary for final practice.