YMCA Eyes New 4J Property

EUGENE, Ore. — The 4J School Board initiated a process that could lead to a new YMCA on school property. The YMCA is looking to rebuild and is hoping to secure the land where the Roosevelt Middle School currently sits. The district’s currently planning to rebuild the school. The school board started a discussion Wednesday … Continue reading »

YMCA and 4J Considers Future Together

EUGENE, Ore. — After losing the bid for Civic Stadium, the Eugene YMCA is entering official talks with the 4J school board Wednesday about another property. Both the YMCA and 4J have been talking about possibly allowing the YMCA to build a new facility where Roosevelt Middle School is now. The YMCA says its current … Continue reading »

On the Move? YMCA Considers 4J Property

EUGENE, Ore. — No Civic Stadium, no problem. The Eugene Family YMCA is moving forward on another 4J property as it continues its search for a new home. The YMCA is working to acquire the land where the Roosevelt Middle School currently sits. The 4J School District will eventually replace the school and could move … Continue reading »

Civic Stadium Sale: What’s Next?

EUGENE, Ore. — Three teams were at bat, but only one came out a winner. The Eugene School Board chose the City of Eugene to move forward with purchasing Civic Stadium in South Eugene, beating out The Eugene Family YMCA and Fred Meyer. The next step: the city must raise $3 million to renovate the … Continue reading »

Board to Select Civic Stadium Buyer

EUGENE, Ore. — It’s been years in the making, and Wednesday a buyer may finally be selected for Civic Stadium. The stadium has been vacant ever since the Eugene Emeralds baseball team decided to relocate for the 2010 season. Wednesday, the Eugene school board may finally select an offer. There are three bids: from the … Continue reading »

YMCA Rally for Civic Stadium

EUGENE, Ore. — The Civic Stadium parking lot in Eugene was packed Saturday with people passionate that the rundown ball park should go back to the kids. About 100 YMCA supporters held signs and performed the YMCA dance. They are trying to convince the 4J School District that their proposal is the best option to replace … Continue reading »

YMCA Ups Bid for Civic Statium

EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene Family YMCA has listened to 4-J’s demands and have upped their bid to buy the old Civic Stadium. Associative Executive Director Julie Grossman says the YMCA is now offering $4.5 million for the land, up $500,000 from their previous offer. Grossman says the extra cash comes from generous donors who … Continue reading »

Civic Proposal Rankings “Not Suprising”

EUGENE, Ore. – A screening committee has ranked the proposals on what should happen to Eugene’s historic Civic Stadium, and local groups say they weren’t surprised to see the Fred Meyer lease as the top option. Both the Eugene YMCA and the non-profit Friends of Civic stadium have different ideas for the land. They say … Continue reading »

Plans to expand YMCA into West Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene City Council heard more about the long-developing proposal to build a new YMCA in the Bethel area. Councilors held a work session Monday night to get an update on the project. They say the plan calls for a 10-thousand square foot building off Legacy Drive. They say it could eventually … Continue reading »

4J Accepts Proposals for Civic Stadium

EUGENE, Ore. — The 4J School District is officially accepting proposals for historic Civic Stadium. In a unanimous vote, the school board opened the request for proposal process on Wednesday. At least three groups have already expressed interest, including the YMCA and the City of Eugene, and board members stressed that this isn’t just about … Continue reading »

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