Tail Wagging Fun at Bark in the Park

bark in the park!EUGENE, Ore. — More than 1,000 Eugene residents and their four-legged friends spent the morning supporting Greenhill Humane Society. Some walked while others ran during the annual Bark in the Park at Alton Baker Park.

Despite the rainy weather, the tail wagging fun never stopped. Organizers said the turnout for both runners and vendors exceeded previous years. “We nearly doubled in the number of non-profit organizations and animal welfare supporters and pet product stores that came out here to connect with their community,” said Sasha Elliott, Greenhill Humane Society spokesperson.

This is Greenhill’s biggest fundraiser of the year. So far, it says runners donated around $55,000 dollars. They’re hoping to reach their goal of $70,000 during the next few weeks.

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  1. Tamara Barnes says:

    Gosh I hope they raised buckets of cash, because for starters, the Executive Director’s salary is nearly $75,000/year! Salaries and benefits are over 70% of Greenhill’s expenses, when compared to other humane societies in the area, is quite high. The others are between 50% and 60%. Greenhill has over 40 employees and only adopted out 1800+ animals while Nevada Humane (with about 60 employees) adopted out over 8,000. The difference? Nevada Humane is No Kill. No Kill is the Way!

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