TailgatePal Offers New Tailgating Option

EUGENE, Ore. — A lot is changing at Autzen Stadium, from ticket prices to parking spots.

However, the Oregon Athletic Department says one of the newest adjustments this season is solely to enhance the fan experience.

The company is called TailgatePal. An Oregon alum started it. It’s taking over a portion of concrete right next to the new soccer and lacrosse field and turning it into Tailgate Alley.

TailgatePal will set up 22 different sites just outside the east gate of Autzen, which fans can reserve depending on how many people they want to host.

There are four different packages ranging from a 10-15 person site to a 50 person site. They include tables and chairs, coolers with ice and most tents come with HD TVs airing all the other NCAA match-ups.

President Greg Wells says renting the tents ranges from $25-$40 a head, but that price doesn’t include food or drinks, so fans can either pack their own picnic and brews or have food catered.

The athletic department says it knows the new additions reduced parking. But managers hope this offers a no-hassle way for fans to get close without needing a parking spot in the lot.

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