Taking Advantage of Free Comic Book Day

FREE COMICSSPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A shop in Springfield really got into national Free Comic Book Day Saturday, holding an all-day event for fans.

More than 80 people  lined up outside DragonVine on Pioneer Parkway Friday morning. The store gave away free comic books, prizes, and pizza. Based on last year’s turnout, they expected about 1,500 people to stop by throughout the day.

We talked to the first two people in line, who said they got there more than an hour before the shop opened.

“I just wanted to spend some time with my daughter and at the same time I just wanted to learn a little bit more about comic books with her,” says Mary Miller.

Mary and her daughter Kayla were excited to get some free comic books. They were especially excited to walk away with an issue of Power Rangers.

Two well-known comic book artists were also at shop. Mark and Laura Allred have worked on many titles, including the Silver Surfer and Batman 66. They were there, signing comic books for fans.

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