Taking Advantage of Year-End Savings

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EUGENE, Ore. — With the start of 2014 just hours away, many people spent Tuesday trying to save a few dollars before the end of the year.

Louise Brown, Financial Manager for Oregon Dental Care in Eugene says the last two weeks in December are pretty crazy.

“Extremely busy. Each year, people wait ’til the last minute. The dentist isn’t always their first choice to use their monies,” she said. “We know people are going to wait until the last minute, and we have five full-time dentists, so what we literally do is we take their schedule and we block off half of their days for the last two weeks, and we don’t open them until the last minute.”

Brown says they do this so they can accommodate those patients who need to get in before the end of the year.

“They want to utilize either their ending insurance benefits, which right now with a lot of insurance plans changing, people are particularly concerned about getting that used up because they don’t know what next year is going to look like,” said Brown.

It’s not just medical patients who have questions. People gearing up for tax season have a few too.

Tom Ames, owner of Liberty Tax, says the changes include some phase-outs of exemptions based on income and healthcare reform under the Affordable Care Act.

People also have a lot of general year-end tax questions.

“people want to take full advantage of itemized deductions, such as making last-minute contributions to Goodwill, Salvation Army. Two-fold, they feel good about cleaning out the garage or cleaning out, you know, different things that they don’t need anymore, and it’s a benefit to somebody else. And they also get to take advantage of it on their tax return,” said Ames.

Ames adds that it’s important to know about all the changes coming up this tax season, and you should consult with a tax expert if you have any questions.

The deadline to file tax returns is Tuesday, April 15th.

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