“Tall Man Bandit” Hits Bank

EUGENE, Ore. — A bank robber now named the “Tall Man Bandit” hit his sixth bank in Lane County Monday.

Eugene police say he showed the teller a note and then left with an undisclosed amount of cash.

The FBI says this is the sixth bank he has robbed, so it’s now offering up to $2,000 for information leading to his identification and arrest. Police say four of his other robberies have been at branches inside grocery stores.

He’s described as weighing 200 pounds about 6’2” tall with brown hair.

“He also had a dark long sleeve on, jeans and he fled to the west of the building and we did an area check and search and he was gone at our time of arrival,” said Sgt. Daniel Long, Eugene Police Department.

In Friday’s robbery he wore a black LRG “Lifted Laurels” hooded sweatshirt with a green stripe. He was also seen leaving the robberies in a dark-colored, possibly green, sedan.

Two of the robberies happened in Springfield. If you have any information, call police.

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