Tanning Salons React to New Tanning Law

EUGENE, Ore. — One of the new laws going into affect with the new year is requiring all minors to have a doctor’s note in order to tan at salons. Not everyone is a fan of the new rule.

Owner of Sunsational Tan in Eugene says it puts parents in a tough position because teens who tan at his salon either come in with parents or already have parental consent.

He says based on customer feedback, there are multiple reasons as to why people tan, including health reasons.

“You’ve got so many people that do come in here and truly do it for reasons that make themselves feel better and now we’ve got to take a chunk of our clientele and say, ‘hey, you can’t come in here and do that any longer,'” said Tucker.

Tucker says he doesn’t think the affect on business is going to be felt until the fall but believes the effect will be small.

The new law is intended to reduce the risk of skin cancer.


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  1. Jaimes mom says:

    This law will save lives, whether the indoor tanning industry likes it or not. Parents have no reason to be upset about it; they’ll still have plenty of parenting to do. Besides if parents knew the facts about the dangers of tanning beds, they would not be permitting their children to use them anyway. Only the parents deceived by the lies the tanning industry is spinning about any “benefits” of their use would let their kids risk their lives by using excessive UV radiation in tanning beds. It is unfortunate that the politicians insisted on doctor’s permission being included in this law because the risks far outweigh any medical reason (if there is any) to use these cancer producers. No tan is worth dying for! That is what my 29-year-old daughter Jaime who died from melanoma after years of teen tanning would say.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I have to say this is a great idea. Parents should be in control and have the option to not put their children at risk because of tanning beds.

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