Target Offers Discount to Customers

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Targets all across America are offering a discount to customers as an apology for a credit and debit card breach.

Shoppers say the 10 percent discount being offered this weekend is helping alleviate their fears about the recent fraud.

Target says it’s number one priority right now is its customers, ensuring them they can shop safely.

The CEO, Gregg Steinhafel, released a statement of apology and says shoppers between November 27th through December 15th are at risk. Shoppers on Saturday are all handling their worries differently but all say they still feel safe shopping at Target.

“No I’m not worried about that. I think the people who did this, they’re the ones now being found out so everybody’s aware now, so the cards are safe or safer now than it was before,” said Dave Martin, a Target shopper.

Target says as many as 40 million accounts could be affected.

The offer is good through Sunday December 22 and there are exclusions that apply.

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