Tasting Table of Locally Grown Food

EUGENE, Ore. — An Oregon lawmaker wants the state legislature to pony up $5 million to expand the Farm to School program. The program connects farmers with neighboring schools, so kids will have access to local fruits and vegetables.

As part of National Farm to School month River Road/ El Camino Del Rio Elementary hosted a tasting table. Students got to sample some local goodies.

“The kids are learning that we can support mom and dad and local families who work here.  The kids are learning that food is grown here and they’re probably learning about preserving because some of the foods can be frozen in the summer and then served in the winter,” said Rep. Nancy Nathanson D- Eugene.

Last year, the Oregon legislature approved $200,000 for a pilot program. That’s only enough to fund produce at about two to three school districts and help supplement Farm to School programs.

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