Tasty Fundraiser Provides Local Support

EUGENE, Ore. — A tasty fundraiser put the spotlight on Down syndrome and how people can help provide support for area families Tuesday.

Half of the proceeds from all the food and drinks sold at McMenamins North Bank Tuesday night went to the Emerald Family Down Syndrome Network. The group provides programs at no cost to families and individuals wanting to make a difference in the lives of those living with Down syndrome.

Organizers say these types of fundraisers are truly the heart of their mission.

“Thats the biggest piece is just getting the community to know what a disability is and what its not,” said EFDNS Co-Founder Sydney Shook. “What it is is that they’re smart and capable and loving and a really important part of our community”

The group hoped to raise about $3,000. Shook was optimistic they were going to meet their goal.

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