Tattoo Shop Raises Money for the Hungry

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Some local tattoo artists joined a world-wide movement in the fight against hunger. On Sunday, employees at Memento Ink in Springfield donated their time and artistic ability to raise money for the hungry in the surrounding community.

Normally Memento Ink is closed on Sundays, but this week, it opened its doors in hopes that folks would open their wallets for a great cause.

“Today is an event that artists and tattoo parlors all over the world are participating in to do food-related tattoos to raise money for their local food organizations,” said shop owner April Slater.

At Memento Ink, the money being raised is for Food for Lane County, a cause that hits close to home for the owner.

Slater said, “We think it’s important to do anything we can to give back to our community and feeding the hungry really spoke to me. I had my fair share of food boxes growing up. We weren’t always wealthy and we definitely had to take advantage of services like Food for Lane County.”

So Sunday, employees filled the shop on their day off to work for free, but they weren’t alone in their fight for good. By noon, each seat was filled with brave customers ready to go under the needle for others. Everyone was more than happy to help out, grateful for the opportunity to get some quality work done, while contributing to the improvement of their community.

“I just love tattoos and it’s kind of a way I can give back without doing much, but the money goes to a good cause,” said tattoo recipient Matt Larson.

For many, the symbolic value of each tattoo outweighed what they were paying and encouraged the recipients to motivate others.

Larson said, “Even if tattoos aren’t your deal, you should go out and try to help in anyway you can.”

And with a hundred percent of the day’s earnings going directly to Food for Lane County, even those not interested in getting inked got involved.

“I’m not into getting tattoos, but I wanted to support him and his fellow workers and this great cause for giving to Food for Lane County this holiday season,” said Catherine Mcgovern-Zlotek, who wrote out a check instead.

The shop is shooting for 40 tattoos, but said even just ten would be a success. That amount would provide about 1,500 meals for folks in need.

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