Tax Filing Deadline Nears

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EUGENE, Ore. — Tax consultants know when tax season rolls around, things get hectic.

“Numbers are crazy lately because at the beginning of the year they had the fiscal cliff that turned into the fiscal delay,” said Tom Ames, owner of Liberty Taxes.

That delay is causing some to frantically file their taxes before Monday’s midnight deadline.

“We’re staying open later hours to¬†accommodate¬†that. We’re open six in the morning till midnight today and tomorrow,” Ames said.

Richard Burchfield has been getting help from ABT Inc Owner, Marc Innocenti for nearly 20 years. It’s that type of personal connection he says is better than any online service.

“When I run into problems I can bring things in here they can clean them up because I make mistakes and we’re back on square one again,” said Burchfield.

Tax experts warn an online filing service may seem easy, but it may also miss some important information which could keep you from getting a bigger refund.

“I would venture to guess about 50 percent of people that file them themselves get them wrong. You know different softwares such as Turbo Tax and stuff like that people just don’t know what the results should be. And so they kind of wade through and frequently they don’t know if no means yes or if yes means yes,” Ames said.

Consultants say the biggest mistake is to not file taxes at all or to wait until it’s too late for an extension.

“People are not ready to file their taxes and they end up filing an extension in a situation where they actually owe a lot of money,” said Innocenti.

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